Will I get ingrown hairs or ugly rashes when using the Shavers?
As long as you use the product as per instructions included in the kit you will not get ingrown hairs or discomfort. NB May not suit some people who have extremely sensitive skin and or medical/skin conditions. Eg Dermatitis, echsma etc.


Will the shavers work if you have very sensitive skin?
We cannot guarantee that it works on very sensitive skin as everyone is different. We recommend that you consult a medical professional prior to choosing your hair removal method.


Do you have to use Corn Starch Powder or can you use Talc and Why?
We recommend you use Corn Starch as Talc is carcinogenic. (linked to Cancer) Corn Starch is Natural. Also these Shavers are designed to be used Dry with powder, so do not use with creams or soaps.


I normally shave with a razor blade, will these shavers fix the ingrown hairs and stop it from coming back?
This method of shaving with these shavers will not cause in grown hairs or rashes. If you have current irritation from previous methods of shaving, you must let the skin heal before using this product. This product will not fix the Ingrown hairs.


How long to wait after shaving to maintain the regrowth?
Every one is different. The general recommendation is to maintain with the shaver every 2-3 days. You can use it every day if you wish.


What is the warranty on your Adult Toys?
Please refer to the Shipping and Returns page for Warranty information. 


What if I am not happy with the result of the Shaver?
It’s important to know that it can take 2 weeks to totally adjust to using a new electric Shaver. It’s imperative to stick with it in order to reap long-term benefits. Patience is a virtue with any kind of shaving technique but it’s especially important if you’re a newbie to electric shaving. If you've been using a wet razor all your life and decide to go electric or even change from one brand to another, your skin will take time to adjust to the new shaving technique.
If you are still dissatisfied, please Contact us.


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