A luxuriously thick and creamy lubricant, the Wet Stuff Ignite orgasm enhancing cream lubricant tingles when placed on the skin, concentrating a fabulously intense experience where it makes contact with your skin. This super smooth lubrication stays where its placed with a thick cream formula, but when rubbed into the body transforms into a smooth gloss that removes pleasure killing friction. Every touch, every rub, and every single hot breath across the creamy Ignite lubricant causes it to tingle more, making both solo play with hands and toys more invigorating and couples play an exciting and new feeling experience for both partners. While heightening pleasure this silky lube intensifies orgasms and makes everything feel wet and slick. The thick formula won't need much reapplication and it will moisturise the skin it is applied to, making it a perfect choice for an intimate and erotic massage. When you're done with your intimate play you can wash the Wet Stuff Ignite easily off of toys with some warm soapy water or toy cleaner, and it will remove with the same simple water from skin, or you can just rub it in to fully benefit from the moisturising formula. Add the Wet Stuff Ignite Orgasm Enhancing Cream Lubricant for a delicious tingle to make your playtime with a lover, toy, or left to your own devices a blissfully sensation filled experience.

Ignight 50g



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